Richard Vernon — Publications


Political Morality: A Theory of Liberal Democracy (Continuum, 2001).

The Career of Toleration:  John Locke, Jonas Proast and After (McGill-Queen’s University Press, 1997).

(Ed.) (With J.M. Porter) Unity, Plurality and Politics: Essays in Honour of F.M. Barnard (Croom Helm, 1986).

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(Ed.) G.D.H. Cole's Guild Socialism Restated (Transaction Books, 1980).

(Ed./Trans.) P.-J. Proudhon's The Principle of Federation (University of Toronto Press, 1979).

Commitment and Change: Georges Sorel and the Idea of Revolution (University of Toronto Press, 1978).

Articles/Book Chapters

"Bergson's Two Sources and the Moral Possibility of Nationalism," Contemporary Political Theory (forthcoming)"

"Against Restitution," Political Studies 51 (2003), in press.

"The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Liberalism" [in Farsi], Dafatere Bonyad [Tehran], 2003, (forthcoming).

"Ideas and Ideologies in Politics," in Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems, EOLSS Publishing, Oxford .

"What is Crime against Humanity?" Journal of Political Philosophy 10 (2002)

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