Knowing Children

I have taught courses at all levels of the undergraduate curriculum, as well as at the graduate level.  Undergraduate courses taught over the last 20 years have included: Introduction to Literature; Children’s Literature; Writing Theory and Practice; Short Fiction; British Drama Since the Restoration; Romanticism and the Gothic; Nineteenth-Century American Fiction; Studies in Victorian Culture: The Dance; Special Topics in Children’s Literature: Gay and Lesbian Children’s Culture; Studies in Contemporary Culture: The Gothic; and Queer Theory.  At the graduate level I have taught Gothic Narrative as Psychoanalytic Event; and Queer Times.  I am currently teaching a graduate course entitled Affectation and Affect: The Case of Oscar Wilde.

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Queer Times

Gothic Narrative as Psychoanalytic Event

Queer Theory


Affectation and Affect:

The Case of Oscar Wilde

Cultures of Blood: The Contemporary Gothic