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Philosophy of cosmology workshop

Eleventh Annual Conference in the Foundations of Physics
at The University of Western Ontario
MAY 6th - MAY 7th 2011
Chu International Centre, 2130 Western Student Services Building

Speakers and Abstracts

Niayesh Afshordi (Perimeter Institute)
Aether, Quantum Gravity, and Cosmology


Celine Cattoen (University of Alberta, Department of Physics)
Cosmography: The Hubble flow and the Supernova data


William Harper and Dylan Gault (University of Western Ontario, Philosophy)
Independent, agreeing measurements and Dark Energy


Dragan Huterer (University of Michigan, Department of Physics and Astronomy)
The Accelerating Universe


Stacy McGaugh (University of Maryland, Department of Physics)
The Trials and Tribulations of Modern Cosmology: The Good, the Bad, and the Just Plain Ugly


Priyamvada Natarajan (Yale University, Department of Astronomy)
Epistemology of cosmological simulations


Simon Saunders (Professor, University of Oxford, Dept of Philosophy & Dept of Physics)
Newtonian spacetime in the light of cosmology


Lee Smolin (Perimeter Institute)
Foundational issues in cosmology in the light of the dark energy problem




About the Workshop

This workshop is sponsored by the Rotman Institute of Philosophy, the Department of Philosophy, the Dean of Arts and Humanities, the Department of Applied mathematics, and the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Western Ontario. The organizing committee includes Erik Curiel, Dylan Gault, Bill Harper, and Chris Smeenk (chair)


There is no fee to attend the workshop, but please contact us if you plan to attend. Send an email message to with the subject line "Cosmology Workshop" so that we can estimate attendance.


This conference is being held
in conjunction with the Logic, Math, and Physics Graduate Philosophy (LMP) Conference,

Keynote address: George E. Smith

The LMP will commence on Saturday 7th at 2:30 (likely in Stevenson Hall Rm1145) and will continue over the two days following the workshop, MAY 8-9.
Workshop attendees are invited to participate in the LMP Conference.