Not so Recent Student Theses!

Undergraduate Honors Theses

Stefanie Schader
The relative contribution of the parvo- and magnocellular pathways to binocularity in the human visual system (1995)

Jennifer Quick
Brightness and chromatic discrimination in horses (1996)

Christine Scheibler
Magnocellular function in individuals with pituitary tumours (1996)

Coralee Mueller
The neural gain response in human contrast perception (1997)

Christina Shen
Temporal aspects of binocular vision (1998)


Leslie C. Hamilton
Selective visual loss in patients with pituitary tumours (1995)


Laurie M. Wilcox
Psychophysical studies of binocular interactions in humans (1992)

Marla E. Wolf
Binocular interactions in individuals with anomalous early visual history (1994)

Larry A. Symons
The influence of eye movements and surround contours on the generation of interocular transfer of the motion aftereffect (1994)

Pauline M. Pearson
The effects of ethyl alcohol on visual and auditory thresholds (1997)

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