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Victoria Rubin's Resumé


Ph.D. Information Science and Technology


School of Information Studies, Syracuse University, NY, USA

M.A. Linguistics
Language, Culture, and Society


Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics, Syracuse University, NY, USA

B.A. English, French, and Interpretation


Department of Foreign Languages
Kharkiv National University, UKRAINE


Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics: opinion-mining or sentiment analysis: identification of subtle but discernible properties of texts: writer’s certainty, emotions, opinions, biases, & trust incidents; information credibility assessment; serendipitous discovery and chance encounters and other human information behaviour.

Information Retrieval: information extraction techniques; image retrieval.

Data-mining: text-mining; opinion-mining; emotion-mining; knowledge discovery; machine learning.

Categorization and Classification: multilingual classification transfer; knowledge representation.

Human Computer Interaction: usability; affective computing; conversational interfaces.

Sociolinguistics: language, culture, and society; bilingual and multilingual cultures.


7/06 – present

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Information and Media Studies (FIMS), University of Western Ontario (UWO), London, CANADA

9/01 -  5/04

Graduate Research Assistant / Analyst
Center for Natural Language Processing, Syracuse, New York, USA
1. AQUAINT (Advanced Question Answering for Intelligence Analysts) : writing a section of a grant proposal as a part of a collaborative research effort


2. eQuery: designing, supervising the implementation and evaluation of an experimental certainty identification algorithm

3. ATEE (Automatic Text Extraction Evaluation) project: writing and implementing extraction rules

4. DARPA EELD (Evidence Extraction and Link Discovery) and
ACEE (Advanced Capabilities for Evidence Extraction) projects: designing and supervising the implementation of a co-reference resolution

7/03 -  8/03

NSF East Asia Summer Institute Intern
The National Institute of Informatics (NII), Tokyo, Japan
Participating in Information Access Technologies research at NII; establishing professional links with Tokyo and Kyoto research laboratories and universities, and giving invited talks.

10/98 - 7/01

Computational Linguist, Engineering Department
Syracuse Language, Havas Interactive, Syracuse, New York
Researching potential uses of Speech Technology and Natural Language Processing applications; providing linguistic support for electronic dictionaries development and maintaining specification documentation; creating dictionary help files; developing Perl-based utility tools; leading group projects.

9/97 - 9/98

Assistant Linguist, Speech Technology Group
Syracuse Language Systems, Cendant Software, Syracuse, New York
Participating in creating language educational multimedia software: preparing grammars for speech recognition applications and scripts for accuracy tests.

6/97 - 9/97

Intern, Speech Technology Group
Syracuse Language Systems, Syracuse, New York
Revising linguistic content of English-Spanish electronic dictionaries.



2011 – 2012        Juan Luis Suárez, Arts  and Humanities: Joyce Bruhn de Garavito, Rafael Montano, Victoria Wolf, Alena Robin , Silvia Perpiñán, Mark MacDayter, Patrick Mahon; Social Sciences: Andrew Nelson; Neal Ferris; Bill Turkell;   Alan MacEachern FIMS: Anabel Quan-Hasse, Victoria Rubin, Kamran Sedig, Nick Witheford, Sam Trosow; Comp. Science: Mike Bauer Medical Sciences: Quim Madrenas. Interdisciplinary Development Initiatives (IDI), UWO Digital Humanities: 66,000 (CAN)

2010 – 2011        V. L. Rubin. Towards Automated Deception Detection: An Ontology Of Verbal Deception Cues For Computer-Mediated Communication (Academic Development Fund: New Research And Scholarly Initiatives Award, Major Grants Competition 10-303, UWO): $62,451 (CAN)

2010 – 2011        Diane Neal, Paul Benedetti, Victoria Rubin, Meredith Levine, and Romayne Smith Fullerton; Canadian Health And Medical Journalists' Information Practices (Faculty of Media and Information Studies Research Grant, UWO): $2,500 (CAN)

2010 – 2011        Diane Neal, Victoria Rubin, Pamela  McKenzie, Meredith  Levine, Paul  Benedetti, Romayne Smith Fullerton; Understanding Canadian Health And Medical Journalists' Information Workflows: Implications For Library Science And Journalism Education: (INSPiRE: Interdisciplinary Professional Education Team Development Grant Application) $1,500 (CAN)

2008 – 2009        R.E. Mercer, R.C. Graves, D. J. Heap, V. L. Rubin, H.B. Graves. An Interdiscipli-Nary Approach To Text Annotation (ADF UWO): $79,768 (CAN)

2008 – 2009        C. DiMarco (University of Waterloo), P. Poupart (University of Waterloo), R.E.Mercer, V. L. Rubin (UWO). Automated  Classification Of Document Links For Literature Indexing And Analysis (NSERC Collaborative Research and Development Program): $11,012 (CAN)

2007-2010           I. Paul, R. Stainton, M. Almazán, J. Bruhn de Garavito, C. Creider, D.  Heap, M. Joanisse, H. Jürgensen, J. Lamarche, K. McRae, R. Mercer, L. Philips, F. Poiré, V. Rubin, E. Skarakis-Doyle, S. Taylor, J. Tennant, E. Valenzuela; Interdisciplinary Approaches To Language (Interdisciplinary Development Initiative (IDI), UWO): $70,500 (CAN)

2006 -2009          V. L. Rubin. Modeling Credibility Assessment Language (Faculty of Media and Information Studies Research Grant, UWO): $2,500 (CAN)

2006-2010           V. L. Rubin. Faculty of Media and Information Studies Research Start-up Grant, UWO $6,000 (CAN)


2011 Awards for Excellence 2011 from the Literati Network - Highly Commended Paper Award Winner for the article entitled "Artificially intelligent conversational agents in Libraries" published in Library Hi Tech Journal

2006 Citation of Merit Recipient, Association of Women in Science (AWIS) Educational Foundation, Washington DC, USA

2003 NSF: The National Science Foundation Grant (No. 0309745), USA.
The East Asia Summer Institute summer internship with the National Institute of Informatics (NII, 国立情報学研究所 Kokuritsu Jōhōgaku Kenkyūjo), Tokyo, Japan Cultural "Ambassador" from NSF in the science and engineering research settings.

2001 – 2004 Graduate Research Assistantship, Syracuse University, Syracuse, USA

1995 – 1997 Graduate Teaching Assistantship, Syracuse University, Syracuse, USA



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