Mission Statement

The mission of the Language and Information Technologies Research Lab - LiTRL - is to improve access to information by developing language and content models and software applications that can approach human-like understanding of texts through Natural Language Processing techniques.

In LiTRL our research emphases are on

  1. identifying, acquiring, describing, and providing access to information in a textual format;
  2. critically evaluating natural language technologies and envisaging their creative applications in specific applied domains such as health, finance, law, news, and social media;
  3. employing appropriate natural language technologies to organize relevant textual information in a meaningful way.

2010-2011 research is focused on understanding the phenomenon of deception and its various types, and developing an ontology of deception cues in order to enable a deception detection system that enhances and augments human abilities to spot lies in computer-mediate communication, the AutoLieDetect.

2008-2009 research and development focus was on inter-personal trust relations in different domain settings and on credibility of information produced for, consumed, or disseminated via the Web.

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