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The Philosophy Department at the University of Western Ontario is a major centre for the study of the History of Philosophy. We have one the largest contingents of scholars specializing in the History of Philosophy in North America, offering graduate students the opportunity to study a wide range of topics, figures, and historical periods. Although we have internationally recognized expertise in many of the more traditional areas in the History of Philosophy (e.g. Aristotle, Descartes, Kant), we also emphasize the work of those whose contributions to philosophy have been hitherto underappreciated, including Alexander of Aphrodisias, Simplicius, Buridan, Wolff, Bayle, Condillac, and Sidgwick. The department also has a long tradition of interaction between History of Philosophy and Philosophy of Science, with many faculty members in the History of Philosophy pursuing research in such areas as philosophy of physics, philosophy of biology, space-time, perception, mental representation and cognition, and general philosophy of science. There are several active research groups, including The Upper Canada Society for Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, The Descartes Research Group, The Kant Research Group, and The Mechanization of Philosophy Project, each of which hosts regular workshops and seminars, including the annual Colloquium in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy and regular workshops on Cartesian philosophy. All of this makes studying the History of Philosophy at Western a unique and rewarding experience for graduates and undergraduates alike.

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