January 2018
- Welcome to Dr. Ying Guo, who joins the group as a visiting scientist.

December 2017
- We had two thesis defenses; congratulations to Jason (Yue) Zhang, who defended his Ph.D. thesis, and Bligh Desveaux, who defended his M. Sc. thesis! Best of luck in your future endeavours.

October 2017
- Congratulations to Bowei Wu, who wrapped up his time in the lab by defending his M. Sc. thesis.

September 2017
- Vinicius Martins has arrived from Brazil to pursue his Ph. D. in our lab at Western. Welcome Vinicius!
- We are pleased to welcome our fourth-year project (Chemistry 4491 course) students to the lab for this academic year: Karanpreet Gill, Maya Olechnowicz, and Ryan Ho.
- Congratulations to Zitong on his very successful M.Sc. thesis defense!

April 2017
- We have a new M. Sc. student who is cross-appointed between our group and Prof. Corrigan's group: Kyungseop (Jay) Lee. Welcome Jay!
- Congratulations to Aiyun (Cici) Yang, Zi Su (Grace) Wang, and Renlong Zheng for your excellent Chemistry 4491 fourth year research projects!

April 2017
- Welcome to Dr. Mansheng Chen, who joins the group for one year as a visiting scientist.

March 2017
- Yawen Wang joins the group for the summer on exchange from Soochow University in China. Welcome, Yawen!

October 2016
- A big congratulations to Tanya, who successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis; some of this work was just published in The Journal of the American Chemical Society!

September 2016
- Welcome to Aiyun (Cici) Yang, Zi Su (Grace) Wang, and Renlong Zheng, who are all joining us for their Chem 4491 research projects!

April 2016
- A well-earned congratulations to Sarah McKenzie and Kelly Lee on completing their Chem 4491 research projects! Kelly's work was included in our recent Chemical Communications front cover article, while Sarah's work formed the basis of a long and extensive follow-up project to be published soon.
- Welcome back to Hendrick Chan, who rejoins us as a M.Sc. candidate (co-supervised with Prof. Sham) after completing his Chem 4491 project with us last year!
- Troy Babcock has joined us as a summer student, working with Mr. Shoushun Chen.
- Hello to Xinkai Xie, who joins us for the summer on exchange from Soochow University in China.

January 2016
- We welcome a new graduate student to the group: Bligh Desveaux!

December 2015
- Congratulations to Xuzhao Zhao on defending her M.Sc. thesis!

September 2015
- Congratulations to Yuanjun Lu on defending her M.Sc. thesis!
- Welcome to new graduate students Bowei Wu and Zitong Wang!
- Greetings to Kelly Lee and Sarah McKenzie, who are joining the group for their Chem 4491 research projects.

August 2015
- Congratulations to Yue Hu on defending his Ph.D. thesis!

April 2015
- Congratulations to Hendrick Chan on completing his Chem 4491 research project, it resulted in an invited publication!
- Renlong Zheng joins the group (co-supervised by Prof. Flemming) for a summer project.

December 2014
- Best wishes to Dr. Wei D. Wang, Dr. Farhana Gul-E-Noor, and Dr. Haiyan Mao as they conclude their terms in the group as post-doctoral fellows!

September 2014
- Hendrick Chan joins the group for his Chem 4491 research project.
- Shan Jiang joins the group as a master student, co-supervised by Dr. Huang and Dr. Song.

August 2014
- Maxwell Goldman successfully defended his MSc thesis. Congratulations, Max!

July 2014
- Prof. Huang is selected as the chair of the department! Congratulations on the new position!

May 2014
- Ruilin Liang joins the group as a joint co-op student, working with both Dr. Huang and Dr. Song.

January 2014
- Dr. Bryan Lucier joins the group as a post-doctoral researcher.
- Yue Zhang, Xuzhao Zhao and Mohammad Majibur Rahman join the group as graduate students.