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since Jan 2006

Graduate Students
Students who wish to conduct research in the area of experimental physical chemistry and chemical physics using spectroscopy and synchrotron radiation, in particular, chemistry and materials science under extreme conditions, are welcome to contact Dr. Song for details. Potential students seeking for admission to the graduate program and scholarship should visit this departmental admission website, or contact Ms. Darlene McDonald for inquiries. 

Undergraduate Students
Senior undergraduate students seeking B.Sc. honour degree in Chemistry wishing to conduct Chemistry 4491 or as a summer USRA student in our group please contact Dr. Song for details.

Postdoctoral Fellows
We don't have openings currently. Fellows who carry their own grant wishing to work or collaborate with us are welcome to join our group at any time.

Visiting Research Fellows
We welcome senior researchers from internationally renowned institutions who share common research interests to collaborate with us as visiting research fellows. Such visits are typically short term (i.e., less than a year) and fellows are expected to carry some support from their home institution and/or (international) government agencies (e.g., Chinese Scholarship Council). In some cases, we can provide some matching funds. Please contact Dr. Song for details.