General Information about the Lindo Lab:

We study biodiversity in soil systems and we accept that same diversity in our lab group. Please contact us if you are interested in joining our team.

I am always happy to hear from energetic and motivated students interested in joining the lab. Please refer to Western’s Biology Prospective Graduate Student web page to ensure that you qualify for the Biology MSc or PhD program before contacting me about positions.

 I look for students with combinations of the following: 

  • demonstrated field experience (remote wilderness) 
  • research excellence (publications in peer-reviewed journals; senior thesis project)
  • knowledge of ecological theory (e.g. neutral theory; food webs) 
  • established quantitative skills (statistical knowledge, programming or modeling)
  • taxonomic skills for highly specialised groups (e.g. mites; nematodes; mosses) 

For a good fit with my lab, potential students should: 

  • be excited about ecology, work hard in the field and the lab, write grants and seek external funding for their work, and publish their research in peer-reviewed journals. 
  • have a keen interest in learning to identify a group of organisms. I will teach you what I know and offer resources, but I expect students to be motivated and work independently in this area. 
  • want to develop their skills so they can contribute to a dynamic and collaborative lab environment. 

I do require that students have a valid full driver's license, be in good physical condition, and preferrably have first aid training for any field-based research.  If this sounds like you, please email Dr. Lindo (zlindo[at]uwo[dot]ca) for potential and upcoming opportunities. More information can be found here.