History of War



About the developer

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Alex Copp, BA

Alex is an undergraduate student at Western University in London, Ontario, in the Media, Information & Technoculture program, also in the process of earning a Certificate in Writing. He has a strong interest in history, particularly military history and decided to combine his new-found web design skills with his fascination with war to create this website that covers the major military conflicts from the 20th century.

Alex put this website together as the final project for his web design course, MIT 2570B, taught by Mark Rayner. It also integrates a lot of information learned about war in his other course, MIT 3215: Killer Culture, taught by Tim Blackmore. The Suggested Texts section of the Resource List page on this site was collected with the help of Tim, who is an expert on the subject of war.

The rest of the content on this site was written or collected and edited by Alex and all of the site's design elements were designed by him as well.

Get in touch with Alex at: alexcopp11@gmail.com