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I received a BSc in Biology and Medical Sciences in 2019 from the University of Western Ontario, where I first became a minion of the Sinclair Lab. I began working as a research assistant, immediately getting shipped to the far north, a little place known as Sault Ste Marie. Here was where I began working with the Asian long-horned beetle (ALB). These curious creatures are an invasive species that originate from Asia, and costs millions in damage in both Europe and North America. My work consisted of an array of experiments to determine all things ALB, such as determining their cold tolerance strategy, supercooling points, and lower lethal limits. After finishing my work in Sault Ste Marie, and finally coming back to London, I realized what I was truly passionate about. Thus, began my journey into the world of bioinformatics.

Fast forward a year, and I’ve now begun my MSc in January 2020, working on the same old beetle. I will be looking into analyzing the differences among different populations of ALB, and whether they differ in their cold tolerance strategy. I’ll then be looking into whether there are variations in their gene expression during diapause. 

You can contact me here if you’d like to further discuss what I do.