Carlos Barreto, PhD

Frontiers for Young Minds

I have translated the three articles we wrote for children to Portuguese, as an add-on to the Soil Biodiversity collection. Others collaborators have also translated my papers to others languages.

Keep an eye for translations here.

Response of Soil Biodiversity to Global Change

Together with Dr. ​Zoë Lindo, I have organized a special issue  on the response of soil biodiversity to global change in Pedobiologia - Journal of Soil Ecology. In total, we had 14 articles published looking at microbes, nematodes, springtails, mites, and earthworms. Empirically and theoretically.

Community Ecology class

Biology 3445F – Community Ecology Fall 2020 

An integrative approach to ecology, stressing the structure and function of communities. Theoretical explanations for patterns of diversity, stability and productivity across a variety of spatial and temporal scales, and community types are evaluated in light of empirical evidence. 

Professor: Dr. Zoë Lindo 
Video editor: Carlos Barreto
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