Mental Health, Diversity and Homelessness

The purpose of Mental Health, Diversity and Homelessness project was to explore intersecting vulnerabilities among individuals who are:

  • Homeless
    • Homelessness was declared a Canadian national disaster in 1998
  • Have psychiatric challenges
  • Marginalized by visible minority group status, sexual orientation, and/or disabilities
    • Belonging to these groups can increase the risk for potential poverty and homelessness

The Project

The project had three phases:

  1. Secondary analysis of data collected through the Housing and Mental Health CURA.
  2. Focus groups with members of minority groups and service providers
  3. Policy analysis

Funding for this project was provided by:

  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council ($80,000)
  • Research Western Internal research Program Small Grants UWO: Arts, Humanities, Social Science ($7,500)

This website has general information about project, description of phases, contact information, and links to additional information.