A Telemedicine & Patient-Reported Outcome Measurement Study for Youth

Project Summary

TELEPROM-Y is evaluating a smartphone application (app) that connects youth with symptoms of anxiety/depression to their care providers. The app is being evaluated on its ability to improve healthcare outcomes and patient quality of life, as well as reduce health care system costs by reducing hospitalizations and outpatient visits.

The overall aim of TELEPROM-Y is to improve access to specialized services and reduce inpatient mental health admissions for youth/adolescents. The study extends previous findings from the Youth Mental Health Engagement Network study, which explored the use of mobile technology to support youth in managing their mental health (Forchuk et al., 2016).

Collaborative Health Record

The TELEPROM-Y study uses an electronic Collaborative Health Record. Through this app, care providers can send youth SMS (text message) or email reminders about appointments, medications, daily activities, homework, or other therapy-related goals. The app also provides interactive tools to help youth manage their mental health, like mood assessments, mood monitors, and symptom tracking. Other features include appointment scheduling, two-way messaging between care provider and client, and secure face-to-face video conferencing.


The technology is being evaluated on its ability to:


Evaluation Timeline


Youth meets with researcher to learn about the project. If interested, the youth gives consent to participate.

Baseline Interview

The youth participates in the first research interview (to provide baseline data prior to using the technology).


The care provider and youth start to use the Collaborative Health Record together.

Youth are provided a smart phone and data plan if they do not have one.

Second Interview

Approximately six months into using the Collaborative Health Record, the youth participates in a second interview.

Focus Group

Youth and care providers have the option of participating in a group discussion to share their experiences with using the technology.

Final Interview

Approximately 12 months into using the Collaborative Health Record, the youth participates in the final interview.

Care providers respond to survey about their perceptions of the technology.

Data Analysis

Analyses will be conducted on the data gathered through interviews and focus groups to assess whether the technology is effective, efficient, and acceptable to staff and youth.

In the Press

CTV News, 02/2019:
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London Free Press, 02/2019:
Parkwood pilots mobile app for youth mental health patients

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Cheryl Forchuk, RN PhD
Lawson Health Research Institute

Daniel Lizotte, PhD
Western University

Jeffrey Hoch, PhD
St. Michael's Hospital

Wanrudee Isaranuwatchai, PhD
St. Michael's Hospital

Xianbin Wang, PhD
Western University

Abraham Rudnick, PhD
Dalhousie University

Jeffrey Reiss, MD
London Health Sciences Centre

Sandra Fisman, MD
St. Joseph's Health Care London

Julie Eichstedt
London Health Sciences Centre

Kerry Collins,
London Health Sciences Centre



Principal Investigator

Cheryl Forchuk, RN, PhD
Beryl and Richard Ivey Research Chair in Aging, Mental Health, Rehabilitation and Recovery
Parkwood Institute Research

P: (519) 685-8500, ext. 77034

Project Coordinator

Shona Macpherson
Research Coordinator
Lawson Health Research Institute

P: (519) 685-8500, ext. 77081

Research Office

Mental Health Nursing Research Alliance
Lawson Health Research Institute
Parkwood Institute – Main Building
550 Wellington Road, B3-110C
P.O. Box 5777, STN B
N6A 4V2