Beryl Ivey Chair for Ecosystem Health

Professor, Department of Biology

Professor, Department of Microbiology and Immunology

Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry

University of Western Ontario

University of Western Ontario

Room 402, North Campus Building

London, Ontario

N6A 5B7

Office:  519-661-3899

Fax:  519-661-3935

email: trick@uwo.ca

Photo courtesy of Foundation Western

Our research group is dedicated at understanding the ecology of phytoplankton in oceans (and periodically we will enter the freshwater world). As primary producers, phytoplankton, are important in the global cycles of carbon and nitrogen. We are contributing to this understanding by considering the role of metals on controlling phytoplankton community composition and activity. We have a long-term interest in iron as the limiting nutrient in both open oceans and as a regulator of community physiology in coastal waters.

As a small research group, I work closely with my graduate students. Each student is working on a different project.

We are looking for keen students who are interested in either field or laboratory studies on phytoplankton. If you are interested in summer job experiences or in graduate studies email me or call (519-661-3899) and we can see if we make it happen.

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