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Eleventh Series, No. 6: Fall 2002

Little Literary Serials

Guest-edited by Stephen Cain

Introduction: Filthy Lucre or Subversive Community. STEPHEN CAIN

The Mediating Character of Blood and Aphorisms. TIM CONLEY

The Ghosts of Community. BILL KENNEDY

Torque Commando. CHRISTIAN BOK

Baleful Tongue. CHRISTIAN BOK

Not Exactly Two Cents Worth: jwcurry's 1cent. Rob MCLENNAN

Writing and Context. JASON WEINS

Raddle Moon: A Psychogeographic Conversation. SUZANNE ZELAZO

Broken Markets: Broken Pencil, the Small Press Scene, and Can Culture Inc. PETER DARBYSHIRE


'I need a community, feeling a little car-sick, suddenly': a few thoughts on Van magazine. DEREK BEAULIEU

Little Mags that Don't Want to be Little Mags. GREGORY B. BETTS


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