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Twelfth Series, No. 3: Summer 2004

Fred Wah / Pauline Butling

Edited by Frank Davey, Nicole Markotic & Susan Rudy

A Brief Introduction: NICOLE MARKOTIC

Significant Speech: Towards a Genealogy of the Public Poem, 1950-2000 MIRIAM NICHOLS

Afternoon 2, for Fred. GAIL SCOTT

Between Eight and Infinity: Mobilizing the Fragmen in Fred Wah's Faking It DEBRA DUDEK

Roy Miki's Editorial Activism. PAULINE BUTLING

How Empty Is my Bread Pudding. CHARLES BERNSTEIN

"Diminishing the Lyric I" Notes on Fred Wah & the Social Lyric. LOUIS CABRI

Squashed Poem SUZETTE MAYR


Meandering Interview. FRED WAH W/ FRANK DAVEY

Stayputs and Travellers. DIANA BRYDON


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