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Thirteenth Series, No. 4: Fall 2007

Artists' Statements & the Nature of Artistic Inquiry

Print Contributions


The Artist Statement and Phantom Presence. TRACY WHALEN

Artists' Statements and 'The Rules of Art'. FRANK DAVEY

Displaced Artist Statements, Reluctant Artist-Researchers: Poet-Editors of Women's Poetry Anthologies. MARSHA BRYANT

Exhibiting Writing: On Viewing Artists' Statements as Art. W.F. GARRETT-PETTS

How To Be Influenced. MICHAEL JARRETT

: Operational Research. HENK SLAGER

Research Artists Required: Inquire Within. ASHOK MATHUR

Re/Searching with Art/Ists: Praxis, Practice, and Social Justice. SI TRANSKEN

Tools for Making Sense. ADELHEID MERS

Photo Essay from the Artist Statement Workshop. DANA NOVAK

DVD Contributions

Interview with Ernie Kroeger on Artist's Statements and 'Wild Writing'. ERNIE KROEGER

Interview with Eileen Leier on Artists' Statements and Artistic Research. EILEEN LEIER

Artist Statement Workshop, Saturday Morning Panel. ADELHEID MERS, JOHN CRAIG FREEMAN, MICHAEL JARRETT

Writing on the Walls. W.F. GARRETT-PETTS and RACHEL NASH

Translating Chicago: The Art of the Artist's Statement: Afterthoughts. DANA NOVAK

I to Eye Stories. ALAN BRANDOLI

eye stories: children's art and words. HELEN MACDONALD-CARLS0N and ALAN BRANDOLI

Around Fiddle Reef. DONALD LAWRENCE

The 'Early Adopters' Exhibition as an Example of Artistic Research. ADELHEID MERS

Shadows from Another Place: Transposed Space. PAULA LEVINE

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