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Fourteenth Series, No. 8: Spring 2012

Negotiating the Social Bond of Poetics

Guest-edited by Nancy Gillespie and Peter Jaeger

Introduction: Negotiating the Social Bond of Poetics. NANCY GILLESPIE

Don't Swing too High: The Other Side of Psychoanalysis. TIM ATKINS

Entitled, Whether We Like It or Not. VINCENT DACHY

From Organ Music: An Anti-Masque Not for Dancing. JEFF HILSON

Danger Scale. HOLLY PESTER

Jacques Lacan, Reader. THOMAS SVOLOS


Vertigo Valley. AMY DE'ATH

The Death Drive in Rich's "Diving into the Wreck" and Woolf's Orlando. EVE WATSON

"Hand in Glove" -- sinister hand vested sable lozengycouped. MARK LEAHY

Letter on Poetics. SEAN BONNEY

From Baudelaire in English. SEAN BONNEY

From The Ruby-Murray of Omer Kayyam. MICHAEL ZAND

From The Parenthetical. JEFF DERKSEN

From Sundog. CAROL WATTS


The Purlo ned Letter. VANESSA PLACE

The Body in Pieces: Lacan and the Crisis of the Unified Fragmentary. NICOLE MARKOTIC


The Pivot of the Trope. ADRIAN PRICE

They May Shoot You. ANDREW LEVY

The Freudian Readymade. PETER JAEGER


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