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Seventh Series, No. 4:  Winter 1988-89

Victor Coleman: a selection of art writing and literary commentary 1966-83

edited by bpNichol

Look At My Product: Notes, More or Less Specific on Jim Dine

Knowing: The Surface [Greg Curnoe]

John Greer /Eye / Ear

What About All Those Buildings and Signs: David Bolduc

A Lot of Good Guys Went Down: Walter Redinger and Ed Zelenak

The Summer of '72 [Art in B.C.]

Super Bart: A Diacritical Serial

The spectre of Art [Drawings by Opal L. Nations]

Interview with Saul Litman

Gar Smith

Dr. Brute Et Al

HP Et Al

RA DIOS or mediachurch: an investigation of two-dimensional performance

The End of Intelligent Art: The 1st Monumenta


Cost of Living: Image Nation 25

Vera Frenkel

Arts Against Repression

The Fig Leaf is Alive and Well

Now We Are Six [Bromige, Bowering & Davey]

Technical Difficulties [The Coach House Press]

Jumbo's Victorian Charm

Peaking at Darien

On Bowering, Bromige, Gilbert, Marlatt, Fawcett & Heyman


Frank Quotes

Lee Enfield at The Movies

The Postmoderns

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