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Eighth Series, No. 7, Summer 1993

An Interview with bpNichol in Torino, May 6 & 8, 1987. FLAVIO MULTINEDDU

A Video Polylogue. LORNE FALK

Entanglement: Video Art and TV. JEAN GAGNON

Words and Images in Video. JEAN TOURANGEAU

Video and the Amorous Displacement of Being. CHRISTINE ROSS

The Existential Cycle of Bowering's B.C. Trilogy: Juan, John, Harry, and Heraclitus. TRENT KEOUGH

Subversive Tactics: Playful Exchanges and Cultural Politics in Postmodernist Australian and Canadian Fiction. BRIAN EDWARDS


The articles by Lorne Falk, Jean Gagnon, Jean Tourangeuau, and Christine Ross form part of the editorial project The Video Issue/Propos video, ed. Renee Baert, sponsored by S.V.E.S., Vancouver, l992/93, with the financial sponsorship of Canada Council (Explorations and Media Arts) and the B.C. Cultural Services Branch: special projects.

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