Frank's Great Danes

"I am I because my little dog knows me" -- Gertrude Stein

1. Seizer: Am & Can MBIS MBPIS Champion Strider's Carpe Diem, AOM, HOF, 1997-2006

                   Seizer by the river

Seizer holds almost every all-time Canadian conformation show record for Great Danes --  including the most wins as Best of Breed (475), the most group placements (272), the most Group Firsts (69), the most wins as Best Puppy in Group (28) and the most wins as Best Puppy in Show (12). Over his career he was Best in Show 10 times. Twice he ranked #1 among Canadian Great Danes, and for six consecutive years ranked in the Canadian top-4. Fearless and affectionate, Seizer lost his inevitable struggle with old age in February 2006. Below, Seizer wins his first Best in Show.

                   Seizer's First Best in Show

2. Stevie: Am & Can Champion Sunglo's I'm a Standbyme Guy, AOM, 1998-2007

Stevie was mostly a stay-at-home dog, but could also strut in the show ring, as below when he won the first Award of Merit (equivalent to 3rd place) in a Great Dane speciality show of 70 dogs. Stevie lived to 9 1/2, and was an active three-year survivor of dilative cardiomyopathy. He won the veteran's male class at three Dane specialty shows in his last year of life.


3. Shiloh: BISS Champion Strider's Born Ready, AOM

Here's Shiloh, born April 12, 2005, 6 months old and in his first dog show.


In 2006 he was the #5 ranked Canadian Great Dane, and in 2007 and 2008 the #3 ranked Dane. Here he is in March 2007, winning the Working Group at the Nickel Classic.

          :     Shiloh Nickel 1st

Here, at 4 years, he wins Best in Show at a Great Dane Club of Canada Specialty.

               Shiloh BISS

4. Santana: Am & Can MBPIS BPISS Champion Strider's Santana V Drogheda

And this is Santana, born December 19, 2007, winning Best Puppy in Show at the Association of Great Dane Fanciers 2008 Specialty. He has now won the Working Group numerous times, and was the #4 ranked Great Dane in 2009.


Here he wins 3rd in Group over 160 dogs at the Astabula Kennel Club in New York State, under breeder judge Lisa DeRoulet.

               Santana Ashtabula
And here is one of his Group Firsts, under judge Valerie Gervais at the Mouvement Canin Quebecois.


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