Vibrational imaging of biomolecules

Biomolecules, biomaterials and biotissues are constitued by complex ensemble of molecules that are often organized in particular fashions. We use vibrational spectroscopy to better understand their mutual molecular interaction or their interaction with a substrate. Over the years we have investigated biocrystals using TERS, cancer molecular markers using SERS and have applied TERS to the study of single neurons or single DNA chains. We have also looked at tissues using a combination of confocal microscopy and atomic force microscopy to correlate the molecular signature with the surface mechanical properties.
Theme 3: Spectroscopy of biomaterials. Presently, together with our collaborators, we are investigating the study of extra-cellular vesibles that carry relevant markers of cancerous cells. Any sensing tool, that can provide a early diagnosis is very valuable for more efficient treatment. In the case of exosomes, we have developped nanohole arrays that have two functionalities: to trap and to provide surface enhancement to detect the inner content of these nanoscale vesicles that contains cancers markers. Preliminary measurements were encouraging and are presently conducted on larger arrays of samples.

Selected Relevant Manuscripts

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