Our Memories.

Aug 2019
FLL group at Danielle's celebration
From left to right: Sydney, Pooneh, Olivia, Usant, Leila, Alex, Nina.

Aug 2019
Danielle celebrating her PhD in unusual circumstances.

Dec 2019
Ze group, December 2019.

June 2019
Greg receives the Paul de Mayo Award from FLL and our Chair, Yining Huang.

September 2018
Greg and Sydney have graduated for real!

September 2018
Olivia, Sydney, Lauren,Danielle and Alex celebrating the MSc defense of Lauren.

November 2017
Danielle receiving the L’Oréal France Canada Research Fund for Women in Science from Science Minister Kristin Duncan.

March 2017
our undergrads at SOUSC
From left to right: Keuna, Hayden, Brianne.

June 2016
Farshid and Renjie in their PhD outfits.

June 2013
Top row: Marion, Farshid, Renjie
Middle row: Mohammadali, FLL, Gregory
Bottom row: Sylvain, Kristen, Nastaran

Renjie, David, Greg, Kristen, FLL, Farshid, Mohammadali, Nastaran, Sylvain

Renjie, Shabila, Myong, Taylor, Nastaran, Matthew, Mohammadali, Farshid, FLL, missing: Kristen

Professor Merlen(right) and his PhD student Alex(left) both had a Great and fruitful visit this summer in FLL group

Celebrating Shabila's thesis defence

Shabila and the Goblet of Knowledge!

Single Doritos hot-spots! I am sure the EF of FLL and Renjie is the best (FDTD calculations in progress!)

Shabila and Mohammadali tracking the single fluorescence hot-spots!

Mohammadali exploring the mysteries of our new FTIR microscope! (Oct 2011)

On her way to Boston! (Oct 2011)

Betty became a Doctor after a bright PhD defense! (Oct 2011)

The group in August 2010!

Nastaran and Matthew B. in front of the TERS setup...Everything seems to work fine!

Matthew D.S. preparing some etchant!

Shabila mastering nanosphere lithography!

Nastaran with her favorite toys!

Amanda after her brilliant Master's thesis defence and the Goblet of Knowledge!

Alice figuring out Kaleidagraph....

Betty needs a new computer screen...

FLL's group in November 09.

FLL's group in july 09.

Christine sucessfully defend her thesis with a lot of enthusiasm and talent!!!.

Jacky, Ian and Eric (Gillies group) are graduating from their BsC and are now on the leave towards grad school.

Etienne taming the inverted confocal microscope together with his AFM friend.

Photoelastic modulation setup is now working for Jacky...

Ian and the mysteries of the lock-in amplifier...

Nathan trying to figure out the peaks of a X-Ray diffraction file...

FLL in the nanofab lab motivating his troops...

Christine, Betty and Amanda on the zeboss favorite's toy....en route!....

Christine, FLL and betty at the grad club...

Betty's real power....in Edmunton May 2008

Betty and Christine in June in London.

A nice dinner For Sarveh Farewell party...From left to right: Ian,Christine, Betty, Ze Boss,Nicolas, Sarvesh and Jessica (P.Norton group)

Betty, Christine and Nicolas preparing their poster for WINS.

Valérie working in the nanofabrication Laboratory at Western....

Former Group Members

Hayden Foy, Undergraduate student, Jan-April 2016, Finite Diference Time domain modelling
Bairong Zhang, Undergraduate student, Sept-April 2016, Electron beam lithography
Youssef Risha, Undergraduate student, Jan-mai 2015, plasmonics for solar cells
David Bocking, Undergraduate student, Oct 2012, plasmonics for infrared spectroscopy
Myong-In Oh, Summer student, May-June 2012, Nanosphere lithography and SERS: evaluating the Limit of Detection
Taylor Martino, Undergraduate student, 2011-2012, FTIR microscopy and application to the study of cells
Matthew Brockman, Undergraduate student, 2011-2012, FTIR microscopy of biological material. Presently in Medical school
Matthew Da Silva, Undergraduate student, Sept 2010, Nanosphere Lithography
Shabila Fayyaz, Graduate student, May 2010, Nanosphere lithography and assymetric particles
Nathan Yundt, Graduate student, sept 2008, Fluorescence microscopy of molecular receptors
Betty Galarreta, PhD, Sept2007-Aug2011, Design and Fabrication of Metallic Nanostrcutures for SERS, presently poctdoctoral Fellow at Boston University
Erwan Kergrene, Undergraduate student, Summer 2010, Synthesis and Characterization of Si nanowires
Alice Lescher, Undergraduate student, Summer 2010, PM-IRRAS Spectroscopy
Amanda Leclair, Master student Sept 2008-August 2010, Modified Surfaces for cell growth, graduated in August 2010, presently working for Imperial Oil
Adrian Levine, Undergraduate student, Holographic Grating inscription with radially polarized light. Presently in Medical school
Amanda Young, 490 student, Photoinduced topographical changes in azobenzene thin films. Presently in Medical School in Ottawa
Artur Wozniak, 490 student, Polarization modulation Infrared spectroscopy. Presently in Medical school
Etienne Harte, Visiting Engineer, Fev.09-Oct09, Development of advanced optical techniques, presently engineer at the Institut Européen de Chimie Biologie, Pessac, France
Jacky Yim, 490 student, Polarization Modulation spectroscopy in Mid-Infrared ranges, presently Graduate student at University of British Columbia
Christine Séguin, Graduate Student Sept 2007, Polymer Modification and Living cells, presently environmental engineering technical officer in civil engineering at the University of Ottawa
Nicolas Marquestaut, Graduate student Oct 2006/Sept 2009, Raman microscopy of nano-organized materials, presently postdoctoral fellow in Trieste, italy
Ian Rupar, Summer student May-Aug 2008, Polymers for photonics, presently Graduate student at Queen's University
Sarvesh Varma, Coop Engineering student (University of Waterloo) Sept 2007-May 2008,Ebeam lithography for SERS pattern fabrication, presently in grad school at MIT
Elwood Chan, Summer student May 2007/Aug 2007, E-beam lithography for Raman platforms, presently in radiology school
Alex Bannister, 490 project Sept 2007-April 2008, Azopolymers
Valérie Guieu, Post-doctoral fellow Nov 2006/Oct 2008, Fabrication and Raman studies of meso organized array of optical fibers, presently Assistant Professor at the University of Grenoble, France
Stéphane Pagès, Etudiant en DEA 2000/2001, presently postdoc at Laval university, QC, Canada"
Manuel Lopes, Etudiant en Master 2: 2004/2005, presently graduate student at the institute of technology of Troyes (France)"
Baptiste Farbos, Etudiant en Licence 2004/2005
Alix Jiquelle, Etudiante en Licence 2004/2005
Yannick Prigent, Etudiant en IUT Informatique 2004/2005
Nicolas Pougnaud, Etudiant en licence de chimie 2005/2006