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Major Equipments

-Horiba Scientific, Raman confocal microscope Explorer (532,638, 785 nm excitation), EMCCD and positioning stage.
-Horiba Scientific, reflection mode TERS system.

-Zeiss LSM META 510 confocal fluorescence microscope HeNe, GreNe, Ar.
-AFM Catalyst with Peak-force mode. Modifed for NSOM measurements in collection mode with APD detection

-Fluorescence Microscope: Leica TCSP2, HeNe, GreNe, Ar, tunable femtosecond (700-900 nm) sources.
-Picoquant lifetime measurement system-Picoharp 300
-Second harmonic microscope (home made)

-Inverted high resolution Raman confocal microscope Labram HR Inv (Jobin-Yvon). HeNe, frequency doubled Nd:Yag Lasers sources.

-Transmission mode TERS system in conjunction with JPK AFM.

-Atomic Force Microscope : JPK Nanowizard II, TAO stage , biocell.

-Ellipsometer (HeNe + near IR sources).

Infrared Polarization modulation setup-Nicolet 6700

Infrared microscopy (Nicolet-ATLUS)

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