Tailoring light sources

Plasmons are EM waves that oscillates at frequencies that are defined by the nature of the conductor, its dimensions and its shape. Based on this very broad definition, we have been fabricating a variety of metastructures over a selection of spectroscopic windows using electron beam lithography to serve as fonctional units in our optical and spectroscopy experiments.

Theme 4 : Designing plasmonic platforms for spectroscopy and photonics applications. Using EM modelling tools, we design structures to accomplish our objectives. For example, larger structures will yield resonances in the mid-infrared range and the repetition of structural units in a given arrangement can lead to multiple resonances. Using these observations we have conceived several fractal structures (Caylee Tree, Sierpinski,...) that display multiple resonances from the visible to the mid infrared range. These structures are then fabricated as arrays and characterize using a variety of tools to evaluate the frequency of their resonances. Caylee tree fractals show that the number of resonances increase with the generation of the fractal structure. We have tackled such effect in both the infrared and the visible range. Presently we use these structures for multi-color plasmon mediated chemical reactions.

Selected Relevant Manuscripts

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