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Upcoming Events
Hot Lunches
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Photograph Day - bring your smiles
Report Cards

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Small Calendar - Calendar of Events

Curriculum Topics - Math, Reading, themes


Requests - volunteers, due dates for forms, etc.

Class trip report

Things to Remember running shoes, shorts, shirt for Phys. Ed., pencil, pen

Lunch Policies - nutritious, time, etc.

Bus Safety

Homework Policy

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Topics for a Brochure

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Course evaluation

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Text Book Policy

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Homework Policy


Sample Newsletter/Classroom Brochure Text
The following text is in Times Roman so you can copy it to your publication.

Photograph Day
Wednesday, Sept 24 is Photograph Day. Forms for special orders will be sent home on Friday, Sept 19. Please return the form with your selection and enclose a cheque or cash.

Lunch Policies
Student will eat their lunch in the classroom and follow the instructions of the staff and lunch room supervisors. After lunch, they are to go to the play area. Students who stay for lunch are not allowed to leave school property at lunch time

Bus Safety
Students must be on time for the bius, and sit in their assigned seat. They must observe the instructions of the bus driver and student patrols at all times. Failure to comply with this policy will result in removal from the bus.

Homework Policy
Home work must be submitted by the due date. Usually, this is the day after it is assigned. If there is a valid reason that homework is not completed, e.g. sickness, then a note form the parent/guardian is required.

Upcoming Events
Hot Lunches will be available on the first Friday of each month. These lunches are organized by the School Council and order forms will be sent home on the previous Monday. We are in need of volunteers to help serve the lunches – please call Mrs. Smith at 555 – 5555 if you can help.