Making a Large Group Presentation

You need to be aware that there may be technical difficulties in setting up a slide show presentation for a large group.  I have made some suggestions below.  

  1. Prepare ahead of time set up the computer and projector load the software open the file - test it out turn off the computer and projector.
  1. Have a coffee or pop come back and assume you are starting your presentation turn on the computer and projector start  the software open the file run through your complete presentation, slide by slide  -  close the file and turn off the computer and projector.
  1. Prior to the presentation repeat most of point 2 have the software started and the file opened.
  1. Be careful if you are transferring files from your computer to a computer connected to the projector you can have problems saving your file since it can be large if you have digital images on it and may not fit on a floppy.  Many computers have CD Burner so you can copy to the burner.
  1. Be careful with sound files they do not always become embedded in the main file you may need to copy the sound file separately.
  2. Be careful if you have a timed slide show.  Displaying on a data projector may affect the timing.  Also, if you display on a different computer, the speed of the processors may affect the timing.