Sample Slide Shows

The files below are samples of slide show projects. Some files are quite large so you should have a fast Internet access.

Depending on your version of Windows, you may be able to run then directly or you may have to download them first.

I included a pqf file if the exe doesn't work.

To run the show, click the left mouse button to move from slide to slide.  Press the "Esc" key to stop the presentation.



A simple slide show on the life and achievements of Sir Frederick Banting.  Good selection of digital photos taken with a Sony Mavica camera.  Basic transition effects.  No animation of images or bullets.
There may also be "too much text".



A slide show that uses "hot links" to connect to different pages in the presentation.  Uses sound files.  Follow the on-screen instructions.  This project uses some advanced skills to link between the objects.


A slide show that uses sample animation using basic objects.


You will need PowerPoint on your system to run this animation file for the Olympic Games. How could I improve this slide?