Slide Show Strategies

The following concerns have been raised by teachers when using computers with their students. 

1. There is not enough time to cover all the curriculum skills and computer skills.
2. Students sometimes copy chunks of information directly from the Internet or books.
3. There is lack of social interaction among students due to computers.
4. There are not enough working computers in the lab.
5. We are expected to cover IT (computer) skills as well.


Strategies to address the concerns.
Place two or three students in each group and assign each group a slide show project based on part of your curriculum expectations (point 1 solved).    

Students are to use the Internet along with other resources, to obtain the information on their topic, but since they are to present this in a slide show of 5 - 6 slides using bulleted lists, they should not be copying and pasting chunks of text but will have to re-state the information in five or six word bullets (point 2 solved). 

Since students are working as a partner or in threes, the students need to plan and discuss what will go on each slide in order for there to be a logical progression.  I suggest you make each student responsible for creating 2 or 3 slides. (point 3 solved)

Since the students are working in groups, only a third or a half of the computers need to be used and so you can assign the computers that are working most effectively (point 4 solved). 

You can also assess the students for their cooperative learning skills, and assess presentation skills if you want them to present their information to the class (more point 1 solved).

When the slide show is complete (point 5 solved).

Limiting the students to 5 6 slides for their slide show will focus on quality and not quantity. 

Bonus: You also have only one half or third the number of assignments to evaluate  :)