Tips for Desk Top Publishing

  • be aware of "white space" - use it well
  • don't expand small .jpgs and .gifs - they become pixilated
  • don't put text or images too close to the edge of the page - printers create their own margins and won't print in them
  • keep main text font consistent in type and size - don't keep changing font or font type for each topic - you can use a different font for the headings
  • use bullets for lists - they provide consistent indents
  • don't shade large text frames - keep shading for highlighting smaller frames
  • don't have the text and border too close to each other - check to see it there is a feature in your software to adjust the spacing between the border and the text
  • Use features subtly - don't overuse word art, shading, shadows, etc.
  • Use borders to define text frames or brochure panels

Other points to Consider

  • are first line indents effective in paragraph text or is no indent better?  Check professional letters and documents
  • do bullets provide a better indent when needed?
  • would full justification improve the appearance of the columns of a newsletter?
  • how often do you see the underline feature used in professional documents? I prefer not to use the underline feature - use bold or font size change instead. 
  • Don't use paragraphs of upper case text. Is this text easy to read?
  • do large, starting capital letters increase readability and add to a document?