Science Links
Nine Planets  An excellent resource for the solar system.  Great pictures and data.
NASA  NASA's educational site - Information on space, shuttles, astronauts, etc.
Yes Magazine  A Canadian science magazine for kids on-line - great projects
Weather Net  Variety of resources including the latest weather in your region
Welcome to the Planets  Another site with great information and photographs of the planets
How Stuff Works A great site illustrating how "stuff" works.  Includes technology, food, the body, etc.  Lots of questions (and you get the answers)
Molecuar Expressions This web site features photo galeries from the world of optical microscopy.  Some excellent animations for light activities. 
Powers of Ten From the depths of the universe to the detail of a proton, this is a great animation.  It is a link from the Mo;ecular expressions web site listed above.  It may need a fast computer to dislay the animation and you may have to download a plug in for it to work.

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