Reflection of me in the glass surrounding Hespeler Carnegie Library

Hespeler Carnegie Library ~ Can you spot me in the relflection?

About Gayle

My name is Gayle Bushell.  I grew up in a small community in Southwestern Ontario. The small public library housed in the tiny house on the main street of my town was not a Carnegie Library. However, I am still indebted to that small library and the world it opened up to me.  I now live in the Waterloo Region and in my travels throughout the small communities of Ayr, Elmira and New Hamburg, I have encountered the Carnegie Libraries that were built in these small communities.  These structures, with their simple architecture, are a testament to each communities commitment to learning and knowledge.  This inspired me to create a record of the Carnegie Libraries in the Waterloo Region.

The current pictures of the Waterloo Region Carnegie Libraries were taken by myself. If you wish to use the pictures please contact me.

Gayle Bushell


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