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Columns and Pilasters

A column is a vertical support, usually circular and slightly tapered towards the top. In classical architecture it consists of a base, shaft, and capital. It is designed to carry an entablature or other load, but can be used decoratively. The capital part of the column is at the top above the shaft and is decorated in one of the classical architectural orders; Doric, Corinthian or Ionic. Closely related to columns are pilasters. A pilaster is a shallow pier attached to the building is usually decorated to resemble a classical column.

Both colums and pilasters were commonly used in the architectural designs of the Waterloo Region Carnegie Libraries.

Ayr Carnegie Library Pilaster


Galt Carnegie Library Colums

Preston Carnegie Library Pilasters

Elmira Carnegie Library Columns


New Hambrug Carnegie Library Columns

Galt Carnegie Library view of columns from the side

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