Elmira Carnegie Library view from the side

Elmira Carnegie Library

Waterloo Carnegie Library view from the side

Waterloo Carnegie Library

New Hamburg Carnegie Library view from the side in the sunset

New Hamburg Carnegie Library

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Sources on the Internet

Ministry of Tourism and Culture - Carnegie Libraries

This site provides information about the Carnegie Libraries in Ontario as well as some historical information about Andrew Carnegie and his philanthropic activity.

Andrew Carnegie - Wikipedia

A biography of Andrew Carnegie which includes more detailed information about his life and work.

Carnegie Libraries in Canada - Wikipedia

A complete list of the Carnegie Libraries that were built in Canada including grant informatio and detailed location information.

Library History Buff

This site primarly has American information but includes interesting information and links to other sites about Andrew Carnegie.

Canadian Architect - Awards of Excellence 2004 - Hespeler Library

The Canadian Architect article about the Hespeler Library and how the Hespeler Carnegie Library was encased in glass.


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