Waterloo Carnegie Library city of Waterloo Heritage Landmark plaque 1903


Ayr Carnegie Library North Dumfries our Heritage Plaque


Three of the eight Carnegie Libraries of the Waterloo Region are still operating as libraries today; New Hamburg, Hespeler and Elmira. The Waterloo Carnegie Library and the Ayr Carnegie Library have been have been designated as Ontario Heritage buildings. The Preston Carnegie Library and the Ayr Carnegie Library currently sit vacant and their use in the future is unknown. As for the Waterloo Carnegie Library and the Galt Carnegie Library, they are currently being used in different capacities. The only library to fall victim to demolition was the Berlin (Kitchener) Carnegie Library.

Whether these buildings are still being used as libraries or if they have been outgrown and are being used in other ways, the symbol they represent is timeless. Each of these communities were able to further the education of their popualtion due to the generocity of one man, Andrew Carnegie.


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