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Galt Carnegie Libary view of the front from across waterl street

Date grant received: April 11, 1902

Amount of grant received from the Carnegie Foundation: $23,000

Date library opened: 1903

Architect: Fred Mellish

In 1836 the Galt Subscription and Circulating Library was established and consisted of a few bookcases in the home of Mrs. Johnson at the corner of Main and Ainslie Street. In 1853, at a public meeting, this library was replaced with the Galt Mechanics' Institute. The collection was held in the telegraph office of James G. Fraser.

In 1858, the Galt Mechanics's Institute moved to the second floor of the Town Hall and an additional reading room was opened in 1897. At this time the libary was still subscription-based and in 1900 the library became free in response to a public petition. In 1903, after the grant was approved from the Carnegie Foundation, the Galt Library moved into the new Carnegie Library built on Water Street. The Library stayed in that location until 1969 when newer and larger faciltiies were required. The Carnegie building has been used for non-library purposes since then.

Visit the Cambridge Public Library webstie for a more detailed account of the library's history.

Galt Carnegie Library   Galt Carnegie Library Carnegie written on the cornerstone

Galt Carnegie Library stonework above the front door


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