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Date grant received: January 18, 1910

Amount of grant received from the Carnegie Foundation: $14,280

Date library opened: 1923

Architect: A. H. Crocker

In January 1901 the Hespeler Free Public Library was established. The collection was housed in various locations. After many years, the library moved into it's own building built with the funds provided by the Carnegie Foundation on the corner of Tannery and Adam streets in 1923. In both 1984 and 1991, major renovations were done to the Hespeler Library due to its' communities growing needs.

Most recently instead of demolishing the building or moving to a new location, the Carnegie Library was encased in a modern glass structure which greatly expanded its' facilities. The new facilties opened on June 2007. Due to its' unique design, in 2004 the Canadian Architect Magazine selected the Hespeler Library design as one of the top ten architectural projects across Canada.

Visit the Cambridge Public Library webstie for a more detailed account of the library's history.

Hespeler Carnegie Libraries View through the glass of the cornerstone with 1922 written on it Hespeler Carnegie Library view of the library from inside the glass structure Hespler Carnegie Library View of the front of the library with the words library written above the door
Hespeler Carnegie Library view of the inside of the glass stucture of the library



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