Notations for Thames Valley Invented Morris Dances

by Paul Handford


Robin Hood's Ride

Tune: Rambling Sailor/ Trim-rigged Doxie (A.B)2.(A.C)2

 CF: WH - ss/ss/hb/sj; repeat. 8 bars.

 DF: HR - 4/4/hb/hb/4/4/G/sj; rept. 16 bars. Track is as long figs. rounds; first G is left out of circle, second is right to set.

DF2,3,4 are as DF1 but with stationary 4-sts. replaced by 4 PC, 2 HC and 2 UC respectively, the HC & UC to augmented music.

The Gypsy

Tune: Raggle-Taggle Gypsies (A.B)4

 Long CF: FU, HG, WG, HR.

 DF: ss/4/ss/4/ss/ss/hb/hb; rept. A ss seq. plus HH.

Merrie Sherwood Rangers

Tune: the same (A.B)4

 Short CF: FU, HG, BB, HR

 DF: ss/ss/Gl/sj/ss/ss/hb/sj; rept. Sidestep through to opposite side, G to face, hey down; rept. to home.

Brighton Camp

Tune: the same (A.B)2(A.C)2. 1/2A.

 Long CF: FU, HG, HR, WH, WR.

 4/4/LR/LR/4/4/G/sj; rept. In FU: caper out, down, in, in, and G in and down; then reverse. In HG: 4-st. through, PCs out, left, in, in, Gl; then reverse home. In HR: PCs out, back, in, in; rest as nomal long HR. In WH: ss/ss to "box"; then PCs out, up or down, in, in, Gl; rev. In WR: 4/4/4/4/ss/ss/LR/LR. Turn in on last 4-st., sss in, PCs in left, out, out.

 DF1: ss/4/ss/J/lr/lr/Gl/sj; rept. From set, J into single line, swagger to opp., G to face. Identical footing home.

 DF2,3 & 4 as DF1, replacing /lr/lr/ with LR/LR; HC/HC; UC/UC respectively.


Tune: I'll go no more a-roving... (A.B.)2(A.C.)2

 CF: HR: 4/4/Gl/sj/4/4/RL/RL/4/4/hb/sj. PCs (home) out, back, in, in; 4-st into centre, hb/sj back to set.

 DF: HH (ss/ss/hb/sj), through, HH, through to home. DF1: through with ss/ss/Gl/sj. DF2: through with LR/LR. DF3: through with UC/UC. DF4: in HH, hb to make circle, sj to face clockwise, then 1, 5, & 4 leapfrog, then 2, 3, & 6 leapfrog, Gl to new set position; after 2nd. HH, make circle and leapfrog in same sequ.

Jockie to the Fair

Tune: Jockie with 12 bar B-music (A.B3)2(A.C3)2

 CF: Long HR

 DF: ss/4/ss/4/ in place; 4/4/ to cross corners; 4PC in opp. cnr.: out, right in, in. Remaining music, track into centre and back out as follows:DF1: lr/salute/hb/sj. DF2: RL/RL/hb/sj. DF3: HC/HC/hb/sj.DF4: UC/UC/hb/sj. As 3rd. couples withdraw, all make circle for HR.

The Dark-eyed Lady

Tune: Raggle-taggle Gypsies (A.B)2(A.C)2

 Long CF: FU, HG, BB, HR

 DF: HR as follows: DF1: 4/4/4/4/ss/ss/G/sj; rept. Face in for sss.DF2: 8PC/ss/ss/G/sj; rept. DF3: 4HC/ss/ss/G/sj; rept.DF4: 4UC/ss/ss/G/sj; rept.

Alistair, or, Paisley

Drink, boys, drink. (A.B.C)2(D.B.C)2

 A music: Fig 1: HR 4/4/G/sj; repeat. No spiral in. Fig 2: As Fig 1, but 4-st replaced by LR/LR. Figs 3 & 4: augmented music; 4-sts. replaced by HCs and UCs.

 B music: Facing across, open ssl/4/open ssr/4/, then pass through with ss/ss/Gl/sj. Stay on opposite side.

 C music: HH and repeat; second half of last HH is with PCs, forming line abreast at middle position, facing up after 4 PCs, then advance as a line in final 4 PCs.

John Barleycorn

Tune: the same (A.B.C.)3C

 Short CF: FU, HG, HR.

 DF: B music: By corners, do one 4-st. into centre, cnrs. starting, in order, in bars 1, 2 & 3; in centre, all 4-st. in bar 4 to turn rt. to face home cnr.; all ss/ss/Gl/sj to place. C music: all cross through: DF1: LR/LR/LR/LR/; DF2: HC/HC; DF3: UC/UC. In all DF, finish capers facing out, then hey down opp. side ss/ss/hb/sj to invert set. Final C music brings set up.

The London Round Dance

Tune:  Liliburlero (A.B)4

 Short CF: HR: 4/4/LR/LR/4/4/LR/LR. First PCs are forward, out, back, back; second PCs are out, back, in, in.

 DF: Walk in radially, lr/lr/ with alternating high shows on 1st. beats, then Gl to face out. Then return to place as follows:DF1: ss/ss/Gl/sj. DF2: LR/LR/Gl/sj.DF3: HC/HC/Gl/sj. DF4: UC/UC/hb/sj, stay facing out.

The Flowing Tide

Tune:  The Flowing Tide (A.B)3

 Short CF: 4/sJ/-/hb/hb; repeat. FU, HG,FD. HG is into line. After step and UC jump, pause one beat before hbs.

 DF: ss/4/ss/4/4/lr/lr/4/sJ/G/sj. Begin facing corners in ss; move in to form circle on 4-st; ss facing corners; turn out rt. on 4-sts; walk out, with three single shows on off-beats ; 4-st. + sJ (UC) facing out (still in circle); G to set.


Tune:  Ninety-eight (A. (B)3C)2.(A. (B)3D)2

Short CF.  FU, HG, WG, HR.

In DF, first four bars of music constitute part B, which is repeated 3 times;  bars 13-16 constitute C-music - conclusion of tune.

DF1:  Bars 1-4  1st. cnrs walk into centre (/lr/lr/), with high shows of alternate hands (r + l) on first beat of bars 1+2;  hb/hb back to place;
          Bars 5-8  2nd. cnrs (having backed in on bars 3&4) ditto;
          Bars 9-12  (All back in with bars 7&8) then walk through centre, passing close right shoulders to opposite cnr (maintaining circle;
          Bars 13-16  In opposite place, and facing out, leap into /4/4/Gl/sj/ to form set.

DF2:  As DF1, but with /lr/lr/ in B music replaced by /ss/ss/ in bars 1&2, 5&6, 9-12.
           Bars 13-16 as in DF1.

DF 3:  As DF1, but /lr/lr/ replaced by /4/4/ in bars 1&2, 5&6, 9-12.  Bars 9&10 danced in place; 11712 dance across.
            In bars 13-16, /4/4/ replaced by /HC/HC/ to augmented music.

DF4:  As DF3, but with /HC/HC/ replaced by /UC/UC/ in bars 13-16, and /Gl/sj/ replaced by /LR/LR/, maintaining circle and facing out.


Tune;  I live not where I love  (A.(B)3)2(A.(C)3)2

Short CF:  Half heys

All DFs: bars 1-4:  ss/4/ss/Jó/.   Corners approach & pass on /4/ to reach opp. on J, facing out.
               bars 5-8:  turn and approach, back up to position, as detailed below:

DF1:  lr/lr/hb/sj.                 DF2:  ss/ss/hb/sj.
Take circular track, turning towards the right, from face-out around and in towards middle of set;  hb back to position.

DF3:  HC/HC/hb/sj;         DF4:  UC/UC/hb/sj;
Big capers done facing out to slow music, followed by hb/sj in normal time, pivoting on hb to face.  In final bar, all caper up.


Local Hero

Selma Kaplan's tune (A.B.)3 A

 CF: FU, WG, HH.

Each CF done in halves, separated by a DF. In FU: 4/4/4/4/4/4/G/step, step. Turn out in bar 3, down in bar 4. G out and round to face across. Accordingly for FD. In WG: as FU but to circle partner and Gl (Gr in 2nd. part) to home. In HH: All G out of set. Finish final HH facing up.

 DF: Bars 1-2: slap both hands to thighs, chest, clap across, clap own hands, then, according to DF1-5 do:

 Bars 3-4: DF1: clap rt. hands across, clap left across, clap own, clap both across.
DF2: salute odds, evens.
DF3: long bacon by odds, then evens.
DF4: tweak noses.
DF5: Graucho.
DF6: the elephant thing.

 Bars 5-6: repeat bars 1-2. Bars 7-8: G/sj and directly into next fig.


Froggy's First Jump

Tune: the same (A.B)4.A

 Short CF: FU, HG, WG, HR, WH.

 DF: Bar 1: on beats 1, 2 & 3: two forehand taps diag. left, one backhand across. Bar 2: same timing, two forehand across, one backhand right. Bar 3: beats 1-4: two forehand diag left, backhand & forehand across. Bar 4: beats 1, 2 & 3: two backhand right, one forehaand across. Bars 5-8 cross through set accordingly, as follows: DF1 & 2: lr/lr/Gl/ sj. No return. DF3 & 4: LR/LR/Gl/sj.

Mr. Morse's Morris

A tune of Rich Morse's (A.B)4

 Short CF: FU, HG, WG, HR.

 DF: Two-handed strikes: X/X/XX/XXX/Xss/ss/Gl/sj. Bb1-2: strikes on beat 1, diag. left then right; B 3: strikes on beats 1 & 3, diag. left and right; B 4: on beats 1, 2 & 3 strike across foreh., backh., & foreh. B 5: on beat 1, clash in passing rt. shoulders as ss through.


An invented jig-time tune (A.B)4

 Short CF: HH. ss/ss/hb/hb; rept.

 DF: Two sticks per dancer. Bar 1: all strike opposites' sticks with left backhand then right forehand on beat 4 of previous bar and then beat 1. Bar 2: ditto, with right backhand and left forehand. Bars 3&4: On beats 1 & 3, all strike left backh. diag. left, right backh. across, left backh. across and right backh. diag. right. In bars 5-8: all dance around single, counterclockwise, to make circle for next A music: 4/4/4/4/ running directly into next figure; As this manoeuver is beginning, clash backh. left across on beat 4 of Bar 4 , then foreh. right across on beat 1 of Bar 5 on going into this dance around.

The Old Sod

(version of J. Barleycorn tune from Steeleye Span) (A.B)3.short A

 Short CF. FU, HG, WG, WH.

 A-music is 10 bars long. After 8 bars of normal CFs, there is some sticking: Beats 1,2,3,4 of bar 9: two forehand taps diag. left, backhand across, forehand across. Then a large forehand clash across on beat 3 of bar 10. Then straight into B-music.

 DF. B-music 10 bars long. 8 bars of stepping + 2 bars of sticking as in CFs. In two bars each, using 4-st., an alternation of st. shoulder crossings - 1st. cnrs, 2nd. cnrs, 1st. cnrs, 2nd. cnrs. The inactive ends just step in place. Crossings are accomplished in one bar, second bar to turn to new crossing. Sticking as in CFs. Three choruses returns set.

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