Animal Spirits

Animal ghosts are spirits of animals that have recently passed. Typically, animal ghosts are cats or dogs, but there have been sightings of other species, such as horses and birds.

Animal ghosts are much rarer than spirits of humans. They usually haunt where they lived, not where they died, and often linger in the areas where they felt most comfortable, such as near the bed or their feeding area.

Normally animal ghosts are heard and not seen. Sometimes they can interact with inanimate objects, such as their favourite ball, or they leave an imprint in the bed, couch, or wherever they preferred to nap when they were alive.

Animal spirits are rarely dangerous. They are typically friendly, but fortunately even the angry or vicious ones are incapable of harming the living.

Unlike traditional ghosts, animal spirits are virtually impossible to communicate with. If you want to remove an animal ghost from your home, follow the steps on the Removal tab.

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