Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)

Electronic Voice Phenomena is the term used to describe voices or other sounds that are heard on an audio recording that were not heard during the time of the recording. This can be the sound of a voice speaking clearly, or unidentifiable noises.

Whenever you’re attempting to communicate with a spirit, it’s always a good idea to record it. Even if you’re using another method of communication, such as a Ouija board or a pendulum, there’s always a chance that EVP will be caught on the recording. See the Ouija board page for some tips on types of questions to ask the spirit.

You can use any type of recording device, but more expensive, and therefore more sensitive, recorders are optimal. Your recording will have a lot of static and background noise, but you can clean this up using Open source software such as the Audacity sound editor.

EVP Recordings:

Here are some examples of EVP taken from Shadowlands.net.

mp3 "It's happening again"
mp3 "He's coming up the stairs"
mp3 "The baby is staying"

Additional Resources:

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to record EVP.

The following video describes EVP in detail, providing some examples and case studies: