Ouija Board

This is the most common method of communicating with ghosts. If you don’t have access to a Ouija board, use this printable Ouija board. Anything can be used as a pointer, such as an upside-down pop bottle lid.

Steps for Using a Ouija Board

  1. Gather 2 or more people who are willing to communicate with the dead and serious about it. You don’t want to have someone intentionally manipulating the pointer, making the entire activity pointless (pun intended).
  2. Set the ambiance by lowering the lights, placing candles around the room, and removing distractions such as crying babies or cell phones.
  3. Invite conversation with the spirit. This can be done by telling the spirit that it’s safe to speak, introducing yourselves, etc.
  4. Ask simple questions. At first, ask easy yes or no questions, working up to questions that require the spelling of one or more words. If the spirit is weak, you will get more information out of him/her this way. The pointer should eventually slide across the board to the answers to these questions.
  5. Don’t forget to firmly end the conversation by saying “Goodbye”. This was already mentioned on the main page, but it’s absolutely critical to end the séance!

Sample Questions to Ask the Spirits

Additional Resources:

Ghostwalks.com has a detailed webpage on how to use a Ouija Board in a séance