How to Get Rid of Unwanted Ghosts

Many ghosts are unaware of the fact that they are deceased. They are often completely benevolent and do not wish any harm to come to the residents of their home. Follow the spirit removal methods below in order, which are listed from least to most severe.

Ask or Demand the Ghost to Leave

This may seem very simple, but as mentioned earlier, ghosts often don't know that they are dead. Asking the ghost to leave in a firm voice is often enough to jolt it into awareness, and it will leave willingly.

Sometimes ghosts are a little more persistent, and you might have to be more stern, and demand it to leave. This method works for the spirits of stubborn relatives.

Smudging with Sage

Smudging with sage is an effective method for cleansing the negative energy or spirits from a home.

All this method requires is a bundle of sage, matches or a lighter, and a tray to catch the ashes.

  1. Open all the windows in your house at least a crack, to keep the smoke detectors from going off.
  2. Burn the bundle of sage while walking through each room of the house, catching the ashes in the tray.
  3. Make clear statements about your intent, such as: "I am cleansing this house, all negative spirits must leave".

Do NOT threaten the ghost. Be firm but speak without hate or anger, which may serve to aggravate the ghost and make it unwilling to leave peacefully.

Additional Resources:

This video shows how to cleanse a house using sage with special nondenominational incantations that drive away negative energy and spirits.

This two-hour recording of a blessing prayer can be played while you smudge with sage.

Seek Professional Help

If neither of the two above methods work, you will have to seek professional help. There are many organizations and societies which are dedicated to spreading awareness and providing help to those who are plagued by dark spirits.

Consult this directory of international paranormal societies. Find one that is close to you and request a consultation to discover exactly how they can help you with your haunting.