Traditional Ghosts

Traditional Ghosts are the types of ghosts most commonly seen in literature and movies. This type of ghost haunts either the place it died, where it lived, or sometimes a person he/she was attached to during life, like a spouse or a child.

"Traditional ghosts" is the broadest category of spirits. It encompasses all spirits that don’t fall under more concrete categories. Depending on the ghost's strength, interaction with it can vary greatly. You might see one ghost, but only be able to hear another. Another spirit might not be able to communicate at all, but you can still sense its presence, through a temperature change or a sudden sensation of dread.

Traditional ghosts have varying motivations, or “Unfinished Business”, which influence their temperaments, and are the ultimate reasons why they remain among the living. One method of removing these types of ghosts is to communicate with them, find out what they want, and try to help them find closure. Methods of communication with ghosts can be found under the “Communication” tab. HOWEVER, if you feel that the spirit is negative, this method is best avoided. Move straight to cleansing your house, following the steps on the “Removal” tab.

Traditional ghosts have greatly varying temperaments, ranging from very friendly to highly dangerous. The only way to determine the level of danger is through their interactions with the physical world. Is the spirit being violent with physical materials? If so, the spirit may be dangerous, and you should not attempt communication.

You should also trust your intuition. If your gut tells you that the spirit is dangerous, despite evidence to the contrary, you should immediately attempt to remove the ghost.

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