Haunted Vehicle

Some large cruise ships, airplanes, or trains are haunted, but not in the traditional sense. There is a belief that because so many people travel on these types of vehicles, they leave behind trace energy, which accumulates and eventually imitates ghost-like behaviour. This is only observed in older vehicles.

The nature of the travel impacts the collection of residual energy. For example, a ship that carries illegal immigrants, who are filled with fear of being caught, will have a much higher likelihood of becoming “haunted” than a cruise ship. This type of haunting is generally not dangerous, but it depends entire on the nature of the experiences of those who previously traveled on the vessel. If they were overcome with pain or fear, the residual energy may have a similar effect on the current passengers.

If you are travelling on a vessel that you believe to be haunted, it is very likely that this is the reason why, and it is best to ignore the spirits or strange events that occur for the duration of the trip. There is no danger that the residual energy will follow you home, as it is attached to the vessel.

If you own or work on the vessel, this type of energy is very simple to cleanse, and can be done so following the steps on the “Removal” tab of this website.

Ghost Vessel

The second type of spirit that falls under this category is the ghost vessel. It is exactly what it sounds like – a ghost or apparition that appears to be a vehicle. This includes any kind of vehicle, from boats to cars. These apparitions are believed to be linked to the death of a human, whether it was through a fatal crash or if the vessel was used to transport their body.

A well-known case study is that of Lincoln’s Ghost Train. Every April 29th, this ghost train can be seen travelling through Urbana Ohio, transporting President Abraham Lincoln’s body back to Illinois.

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