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Mission Statement
The Board on Urban Environments includes within its interests (but is not restricted to):  urban vegetation/atmosphere interactions, turbulent transport and dispersion processes (in urban areas and around buildings), urban air quality (urban airshed modeling and urban air chemistry experiments), measurement challenges and observation techniques in urban environments, urban winds and circulation systems, mesoscale interactions between cities and their surroundings, the energy and water balance of cities, the urban heat island effect and its possible contamination of long-term air temperature records, remote sensing of urban meteorological variables, heat waves and urban biometeorology, models of the urban biosphere, cities as agents of global change, building climate, road climatology, implications for planning and policy, urban effects on weather, and weather forecasting for urban areas and city dwellers. Observational, modeling, theoretical, and applied studies are all included. 

The Board consists of six members with a number of ex-officio members who are members of other STAC committees with interests that intersect with the urban environment. The purpose and functions of the Board on Urban Environment are to:

1. Provide a focal point for those working in Urban Meteorology and related fields, and to foster interaction with other AMS committees and other societies in matters related to the Meteorology of Urban Environments
2. Raise awareness of issues in Atmospheric Science and Technology that apply to the Urban Environment
3. Give advice to the Society in matters concerning urban meteorology, and serve the AMS as reference, referee, representative, or spokesperson, as requested 
4. Participate in and organize scientific meetings and symposia on Urban Environment in order to stimulate further research and clarify pertinent problems 
5. Support the publication in the Society’s journals of high quality publications on Urban Atmospheric Science



IAUC: International Association for Urban Climate