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My academic training is in physical geography and boundary layer climatology and meteorology.  My research focus is on thermal aspects of urban climatology especially related to remote thermal observations of urban surface temperatures.

Research Interests

bulletThermal remote sensing of urban areas and the use of remote sensors to estimate the surface temperature including the observation and modelling of anisotropic thermal emissions by rough surfaces.
bulletApplication of thermal remote sensing to the study of surface climates. 
bulletModelling urban surface temperatures.
bulletUrban micro- and meso-climatology with an emphasis upon processes occurring within the urban canopy layer (below building roof-top level) and the interaction between the urban built form and the climate of urban areas.
bulletParameterizations of urban effects for applied climatology related to building design and urban planning
bulletMethods of climate measurements in urban areas, especially traverse methodologies for gathering climate data, radiative source areas, and the variability of measurements with scale.