How to obtain books by J. A. Kiernan

It should be possible for any bookseller to obtain any book, but evidently that's not always the case. Publishers frequently take over other publishers, and they buy and sell the rights to distribute, reprint and negotiate future editions.  At online bookstores such as Amazon or Alibris, different editions of a book often are not identified. 

The easiest way to locate any book is to search for its ISBN (international standard book number), using Google or a similar internet search engine.  Here's how:
 In the list that follows, select the phrase  ISBN numerals (for example, ISBN 9781451173277).  Copy the phrase ISBN numerals from this page to the clipboard.  (With Microsoft Windows that's Ctrl+C.)  Move your mouse cursor to the Search window of the web browser and paste the copied ISBN. (With Windows that's  Ctrl+V.)  This brings up web sites that contain the ISBN you  are looking for. Most will relate to sales.   

Here are some web links that may help you.  I try to keep these links upto date, but publishers and internet booksellers don't tell me when they make changes! 

Kiernan, J. A. 2015. Histological and Histochemical Methods: Theory and Practice. 5th ed. Banbury, UK: Scion Publishing. 593 pages. ISBN 9781907904325  

      Availability (from publisher; UK and other countries)

Kiernan, J. A. & Rajakumar, N. 2014. Barr's The Human Nervous System: An Anatomical Viewpoint. 10th ed. Philadelphia: Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, 423 pages.  (ISBN 9781451173277)  

      Availability (North America)
      Availability (from publisher, UK)

Edizione Italiana a cura di L. Cocco, E. Gaudio, L. Manzoli e M. Papa (2008).  Barr's Il sistema nervoso dell'uomo: Basi di neuroanatomia. Napoli: EdiSES s.r.l.  (ISBN 9788879594257)  (Libreria Scientifica)

Kumar, G. L. & Kiernan, J. A. (Eds) 2010. Education Guide: Special Stains and H & E. 2nd ed. Carpinteria, CA: Dako North America. 300 pages.

Printed book and may still be available on request from  
Download PDF file from: (whole book).
Horobin, R. W. & Kiernan, J. A. (Eds) 2002. Conn's Biological Stains. 10th ed. Oxford: Bios Scientific Publishers. -  (ISBN 1859960995)

[The original publisher, BIOS, was taken over by a larger company, Taylor & Francis.

      Availability (United Kingdom)
      Availability (United States) 
___Availability (Canada)

Kiernan, J. A. & Mason, I. (Eds) 2002. Microscopy and Histology for Molecular Biologists: A User's Guide. London: Portland Press. -  ISBN 1855781417 [hard cover];  ISBN 1855781565 [paperback]

      Availability (Abe Books)

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