Prof. J. Zhu - Research Group
Current graduate students
aName Project
Huang, Qing (PhD)
Untrafine powder charaterization
Zeng, Tao (PhD)
Turbulent fluidization
(Co-supervisor: W. Huang of Sichuan University)
Meng, Xiangbo (PhD)
Ultrafine powder coating
Razzak, Shaikh (PhD)
GLSCFB hydrodynamics
(Co-supervisor: S. Barghi)
Mozumder, Sayem (PhD)
Ultrafine powder application
Peng, Botao (PhD)
CFB riser/downer modelling
(Jointly-supervised with C. Zhang)
Chowdhury, Nabin (PhD)
Large-scale LSCFB wastewater treatment process
(Jointly-supervised with G. Nakhla)
Dongbing Li (PhD)
Fluidized bed reactors
(Jointly-supervised with M. Ray and A. Ray)
Daniher, Derek Ivan (PhD)
Pulmonary drug delivery
Mazumder, Jahirul ASM (MESc)
Fluidized bed reactor optimization
(Jointly-supervised with A. Ray)
Galloway, Robert (MESc)
Soy protein extraction using LSCFB bioreactor
(Jointly-supervised with A. Bassi)
Xu, Jing (PhD)
Particle properties in circulating fluidized bed
Miao, Qi (PhD)
Biomass CFB gasification
(Co-supervisor: C. Wu of Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion)
Li, Dongxu (PhD)
TiO2 immobilized photoreactors
(Jointly-supervised with M. Ray and H. Gomaa)
He, Quan (PhD)
Chiral seperation
(Jointly-supervised with S. Rohani and H Gomaa)
Islam, Nazrul (MESc)
LSCFB wastewater treatment process
(Jointly-supervised with G. Nakhla)
Singh, Vikramjit (MESc)
LSCFB agri-food product
(Jointly-supervised with G. Nakhla)
Stephenson, Tyler (MESc)
Powder coating for tablets
(Jointly-supervised with G. Nakhla)
Shugg, Jarrod (MESc)
Biocidal powder coating
Mehdi, Amir Seyed (PhD)
Ultrafine powder formulations
Kranzt, Matt (MESc)
Ultrafine powder coating

Andalib, Mehran (PhD)
Large-scale LSCFB wastewater treatment process
(Jointly-supervised with G. Nakhla)
Shao, Yuanyuan (PhD)
Biomass co-firing for power generation
(Jointly-supervised with C Xu of Lakehead University)

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